All About Windows

In this post we will talk about the different options we have for windows of both vehicle and commercial buildings. We will explain tint as well as perforated vinyl and frosted etch vinyl. Each method has its benefits and uses so continue reading to find out more!


With various levels of tint, you can change the look of your vehicle. It is a popular product among truck and car enthusiasts and most use it to enhance their style.

Window tint provides privacy and security to your vehicle so it’s harder for people to see the belongings inside. It also blocks out the UV rays of the sun and protects the leather interior of your vehicle from fading. Heat can build up easily in your vehicle and tint can help eliminate the heat and glare from the sun.

Check out this simulation tool XPEL has to see what tint looks like on a vehicle similar to yours!

Tint comes in a variety of levels for the desired look you want. Below is a visual representation of what to expect.



We offer different types of tint for your building, including mirrored tint so people outside can’t see through your windows but you can still see out. It is a popular product for office buildings and receptionist spaces.

Tint can reduce heating and cooling costs of your building. It also protects furniture and merchandise from fading by the UV rays. In case of theft, it helps keep shattered glass in place if breakage happens.

Check out this simulation tool XPEL has for commercial tint and see what your building could look like!


Frosted Etch

Frosted etch is another option we have available for commercial buildings. It creates privacy but still lets some light in for transparency. This vinyl is used more commonly for windows inside of an office instead of using blinds that make employees feel confined. We can also cut your logo or design out of the vinyl to customize your office space!

There is also an option for printable frosted etch vinyl to add more colour and a unique finish.

perforated Window Decal

Another option is perforated vinyl. A full-colour print of window perf will help block out the sun and create privacy while advertising! It’s a great way to list your popular items or add some eye-catching graphics on your building!

Perforated vinyl isn’t just limited to buildings either. We can put it on your vehicle and you will still be able to see through it when sitting inside. Regular decals block your vision so perforated vinyl is a great option for all-over advertising that’s driving friendly.

Check out our portfolio for some work we have done!